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Con season has drawn to a close for me with the end of this weekend. I attended Mile Hi Con over the weekend. They have an awesome gaming area that I walked through a few times to catch glimpses of the games being played. I was there primarily with my “writer hat” on, so I didn’t spend too much time in the game area. There were wonderful panels, loads of old friends around, and some new friends made through the con.

Now that’s I’ve recovered a small amount of my energy from the con weekend, I’m dropping my links from last week. The comments are going to be a bit short this week, though. I can’t seem to type straight this morning, and the typos are driving me crazy.

The Breakdown of Intersecting Prophecies

I don’t trust a prophecy until after it comes true. However, I trust Mike’s words on how to use them in your game. Check it out!

A Structure For Convention Adventures

John has 5 acts where he breaks down how a structure of a convention game should be put together. I’ve come up with something similar on my own, and it works quite well. His image implies that the Intro section is the larges time commitment, but I would argue that it’s one of the smallest. In a convention game, you want to get into things fairly fast. There’s only so much time around the table for the fun stuff to happen.

Ask The GMs: Parting is such a frayed plot thread

Wow! This is a phenomenal post that breaks down what to do when a player, a character, or a player-character drops out of the game. There are many options as to what to do with the character within the game setting or the campaign arc. Mike’s put quite a few of them in this post, so if you’ve hit this wall in your story line, it’s time to check out this post.

What I like in a good disadvantage

Peter has a good breakdown of what a good disadvantage in a “build system” game looks like. All players in all “build the character” (as opposed to “roll the character”) systems should be required to read this before delving into where they’re going to put (or gain) their points.

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  1. Mike Bourke Oct 26,2015 1:27 PM

    Appreciate the support, Hungry, and hope you managed to have a good time at the convention even though you were there with your “writer’s hat” on!

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