I always get down this time of year. My seasonal affective disorder is hitting me especially hard and is pushing me toward clinical depression. Don’t worry. I’m aware of what’s going on. So is my health care professional. We’re keeping close tabs on things and adjusting medication as needed.

The point of me telling you that is this: I haven’t posted here this year because of the depression. I’ve collected the links. I’ve read the stories. I’ve thought about comments, but when it comes time for me to actually put together a post, I can’t seem to gather the mental energy necessary to do so. It’s part of the depression.

I’ve also been stressing out over not posting, which leads to more ill thoughts.

All of this is has led me to reset things. I just deleted over 20 bookmarks for articles I wanted to link to from here. I’m resetting back to a baseline where I can hopefully keep up with things. I’m not promising anything at the moment. Things here might be on hiatus until March. It depends on my mood, which is largely out of my control at the moment because of how my brain works.

Don’t worry, though. I’m not suicidal from the depression. I just can’t seem to shake the “down in the dumps” and lack of energy I’m feeling lately. For those of you that know me on Twitter, Facebook, or in real life know that I’m struggling with things, but still keeping fairly busy. This helps me mood, but I’ve come to realize some things need to give, and this blog always seems to be the “giving point” in my life.

If I get a chance, I’ll see about doing a Saturday post… honestly, it won’t happen until Sunday at the earliest. I have a Friday night Pathfinder game I’m running this week and a local con is going this weekend, so I’ll be at the con all of Saturday.

Thanks for your understanding and sticking with me.