Sporadic Saturday Sweetness: 2016-03-26 5

It’s been a weird week for me. Nothing before around 10:30 AM went right. Each morning was filled with craziness and oddball traffic on the way to the Day Job. That’s okay. I found plenty of links for the week.

Here they are!

How do you spend your earned XP?

I tend to save up and go for some “big bang” items. If I get lucky and spot something useful that’s low in cost, I’ll snag it for my GURPS character. Likewise, if I have some XP left over after a “big bang” purchase, I’ll use the leftovers for something small. Not always, though. I tend to have a growth plan for all of my characters, so I know what I need in XP and what I need to attain before moving on to the “next level” in my character growth. Yeah. I basically, outline my character’s future.

Temple of the Four Gods

Coooooollll! This is a great set of maps and drawings by Dyson. I know. I know. I’m a Dyson fanboy, but this set really sparks the imagination, especially with the background and small bits of info he gives out about the temple.

Play Better Games, Damn It!!!

Chris has put together a damn fine article on playing better games. What’s better? Well, that’s up to you. Your “better” and my “better” may be vastly different and we’ll never game together or just close enough to where we’ll enjoy time around the same table. How do you find your “better game”? Well, it does take some time and an organized approach. The time? That’s on you. The organized approach? Chris has just the thing for you in the post, so make with the clicky-click.

The Perils Of Players Knowing Too Much

Oi. This is a tough cookie to watch crumble. I’ve been very fortunate in my past games with overly-knowledgeable players. When they start to go over my head with their knowledge, I tend to stop and ask for a brief education on the topic before we continue the game. If they’re espousing details they know, then it’s obvious that they want it to be important to the game. I make it important by immersing myself in the topic just long enough to add that flair or flavor to the game at hand. This makes the players happy in two parts. The first is that they get to talk about a topic they nerd out about. Everyone loves doing this. The second is that it now becomes part of the game they are playing, and this deepens the immersion level for them. This is rarely a bad thing.

Troy’s Crock Pot: Making Realms Accessible Again

I’ve always been a Forgotten Realms fanboy. At the height of Faerun’s print run during AD&D 2nd Edition, I probably spent three times the amount of money on The Realms than I did on The Rules. Troy’s got a great post here that summarizes how Forgotten Realms can be accessible again… both to the veterans like myself and to the newcomers to the fold.

5 thoughts on “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness: 2016-03-26

  1. Chris Sniezak Mar 27,2016 6:09 AM

    Thanks for the review of my article. I didn’t know about this blog till I got the ping back and I’m totally digging it. I love the summary stuff so I can see what else is going on out there. Adding it to my list.

  2. Mike Bourke Mar 27,2016 9:08 PM

    Congrats, Hungry, another fan! Appreciate the link back to my article. What did you think of the updated & expanded article on names, which you originally linked to last time?

    • J.T. Evans Mar 27,2016 9:13 PM

      I just got a chance to go back to re-read the names article. I love the examples and expanded clarifications/descriptions on approaches. I think it’s a much stronger article with the updates.

      • Mike Bourke Mar 28,2016 1:30 AM

        The way it is now is the way I always wanted the article to be 🙂 It was definitely worth taking the second bite at the cherry!

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