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It’s been a nutty week. Editing two novels of my own while critiquing a friend’s novel…. This has all piled up on me, and I’m quite amazed I’m even getting this post out the door considering the Day Job has been hammering me quite hard as well.

All-in-all a good week for me, to be honest. It’s also been a great week for the links, so let’s get to it!

Developing A Plan on the Go

For those of you suffering from over-planning syndrome, this is a good post for you to read. If your players suffer from the same malady around the table, then point them to this post. As a GM, it’s a good read as well because it can help you present the right information at the right time in the right order to short circuit the analysis paralysis that some groups suffer from. I’m going to have to adjust my gaming style with my monthly Pathfinder group a bit now that I’ve read this article. I think it’ll help around the table.

The Eight Types of Fun

Chris has a great post that breaks down the 8 types of fun. I think his take is spot on and enlightening. It’s given me some food for thought on what kind of fun I like having vs. what my players like to do and where we can find some common ground.

Aging Through the Ages

Delta has a great list of the various aging rules from the generations of D&D. It’s a most excellent compilation of rules and styles of aging. If you’re building a game in which the age of the characters matters, you owe it to yourself to check this out and get food for thought.

Review Roundup: Three products of interest

Mike has three reviews here of three different RPG products. The reviews are very helpful. I had my eye on the Pythos game at one point, but it fell off my radar for reasons unknown. Now Mike’s put it back on my radar. He breaks down the pros and cons of the game, and I think the pros in his review outweigh the cons. I’ll have to check it out more in depth for myself.

Behemoth Lookout

The mix of background and information Dyson puts out with his maps really brings them to life. I see the events unfold around this beautiful location as I read the text. Very evocative. Thanks for the map and the background, Dyson. Well done!

Found Locations

I used to have a bit of source material called “Found Locations” way back in the early 90s. I think it was a Judge’s Guild bit of material, but I could be wrong on that. I used it quite a bit. Almost to the point of having the binding fall apart. I’ve since fallen away from using found locations, but I think I might get back to it with my Pathfinder game once the group gets out of their current dungeon delve.

Campaign Suspension

I feel your pain of campaign suspension, Angela. It’s a hard thing to do… and then come back to where you left off. At one point in my life, I had two roommates and a whole gaggle of close friends who were all role players. We gamed at our house, and I eventually had to run to an office supply store for a box with the hanging file folders. I marked the folders with numbers and then created a spreadsheet to track game system, campaign, GM, players, characters, and misc. notes to keep everything straight. We had nearly 30 concurrent campaigns going at once. Many of the suspended for long periods while the GM thought of next steps, but most of them were touched on at least once a month. This may sound nuts, but it was a rare day for us to not gather and role play. Out of a 30-day month, we probably gamed at least 25 of them.

10 Most Common Mistakes DMs and Players Make in 5e D&D

I’m not into D&D 5e. I probably won’t be. I’ve heard good things about the game, but I’m so heavily invested in (and incredibly happy with) Pathfinder, that I don’t see a similar game system in the same genre supplanting what I already have. That’s why you haven’t seen many (if any) D&D 5e posts here. However, when I read this post by Ameron, I knew it might be useful to some of my audience out there in the blogosphere. So… here’s the link to a great breakdown of some of the D&D 5e rules!

GURPS 101: Basic Damage, Penetrating Damage, and Injury

This is a great post for all GURPS players and GMs to read. It clearly and concisely explains the difference between basic damage, penetrating damage, injury, “lose HP” statements, and multipliers. Thanks for the clarity, Peter!

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  1. Mike Bourke May 1,2016 12:25 AM

    Some great links as usual, Hungry. It sounds like your week has been the good kind of busy – the kind that puts a smile on your face instead of the kind that just leaves you feeling tired 🙂 Glad I could put Pythos back on your radar. It’s a sure bet that not all (if any) of the cons I identified will remain in the final version, which is not far away from a Kickstarter fundraising campaign (to coincide with Gencon, I think). That leaves only a very long list of pros, and may even extend that list. So it’s definitely on MY radar!

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