Sporadic Saturday Sweetness 2

I’m trying to get back on the horse for comments and reviews of blog posts, but it’s been rough for me lately. I’m not entirely sure why. I’m fairly productive in other parts of my life. This blog seems to be the only thing slipping through my grasp right now. This upcoming week is going to be fairly normal for me, so I hope that normality will drive me to get this post up on time next weekend.

Anyway…. On with the links!

Map-A-Monday: World Mythology…

I love maps! I love mythology! I especially love world maps. The image linked to in this blog post is fantabulous! I wish it were more interactive and clicky instead of a static image, but there are some great insights and details in there that I’d never known before. If you share some interests with me, I highly recommend checking this out.

A Sampling of RPG Podcasts

I listen to quite a few podcasts because of my lengthy, daily commute. Here’s my list of what I listen to. I’ve added some of the ones in the Gnome Stew post to my iTunes list. If and when I become a regular listener of a podcast, then it’ll get dropped into the list on my other web site.

Ask The GMs: Many Hands, Mild Insanity: Large Groups Revisited

The largest group I’ve been in consisted of 2 GMs (main and assistant), 12 players, and 15 characters. It was unusual for a single person to miss the weekly game, unless it was “band camp time” and then we’d lost a handful of players during the summer. The largest group I’ve run a game for was about 8-9 players and that same number of characters. I gotta say that if I ever hit that number again (or more!), I’m going to have to scour my permanent bookmarks for this article and re-read Mike’s wisdom. He breaks down his advice by genre of game, and has some exceptional ideas in there. This is highly useful even if you’re getting 6+ in the PC count.

To Absalom, And Beyond: Interviewing James L. Sutter About Starfinder

Starfinder cometh!!!! Paizo has announced a new sci-fi game coming to the shelves in the future. It’s supposed to be compatible with the ruleset of Pathfinder, which really jazzes me. As a collector and consumer of RPGs, the best sci-fi RPG I have on my shelves (my opinion only) is Alternity. It’s a great game, but there are some points lacking here and there. I know Paizo can fill the gap. Want to learn more about this effort? Darcy has a great interview with James L. Sutter on the topic.

Dugan’s Hold

There’s something about the curved hallways and straight lines of this map that really catch my eye. I wish I could put my finger on it and give a better description of how I feel, but this just strikes me as a really cool map from Dyson.

Consequential Expertise: A Neglected Plot Opportunity

I object! Mike’s taken an article about how to run a courtroom scene (or set of scenes) and actually makes it look like fun. I’ve been in courtrooms before (never as a defendant before you go there with your imagination). The proceedings are, well, boring as hell. I think they do that on purpose. Mike’s tossed out some ideas on how to move through the motions of a courtroom with ease and enjoyment. Well done!

Troy’s Crock Pot: Take it outside, kiddos

I’ve only tried playing RPGs outdoors a few times and never with success. It’s not because I wasn’t prepared (I was a Boy Scout, after all) but because the games, dice, pencils, etc. were confiscated by the aforementioned Boy Scouts for the duration of the camping trips. We were there to “experience nature” and such instead of sitting around in a tent (or under a tree) playing “some stupid game about orcs.” *sigh* I get it now, though. When camping with the Boy Scouts there are other things to focus on than your critical hits. Now that I’m the adult in the situation, I can take my games outside if I feel like it. With summer weather here, I can see our gaming taking place on the back deck, in the back yard, under a tree, or other great location like that. Troy’s got some excellent advice on what to take with you when venturing outside for an RPG session.

2 thoughts on “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness

  1. Mike Bourke Jul 4,2016 10:19 PM

    Glad to have you back, J.T.! Thanks for the solid feedback on my articles – though from the experience with large groups that you cite, maybe I should have twisted YOUR arm into contributing to it! As it stands, though, that experience has you better-placed to assess the validity of the analysis and suggestions (about 40% me and 60% the GMs that I consulted), which only makes your kudos all the more meaningful! Thanks again!

  2. Troy Jul 10,2016 8:08 AM

    This year at Camp Ingersoll, the games of choice were Gaga Pit Ball and games of Werewolf around campfire and the chow line. Boy Scouts are always gaming.

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