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Another week. More links!

Sorry this one is so late. I went to our local renaissance fair on Saturday with some friends. I managed to step in an unseen hole and tweak my left knee to the point I had to leave early. Apparently, even though I left early, the heat had gotten to me and getting back into the scorching car didn’t help matters any. The heat drained me to the point where I couldn’t really form coherent words/thoughts yesterday, so I called it a “lazy day” and did lots of nothing.

The knee is getting better, and I’m over the heat exhaustion…. so it’s time to get the post put together.

PS: After looking at the links, I came to realize this week is the “Gnome Stew and Campaign Mastery Show”! Sorry for the lack of diversity in the links going to other places, but this are, quite honestly, the articles that caught my eye the most. I’m not sure if that says more about me or the RPG blogosphere.

The GM’s Principles, and the First Session

The first session of any campaign is probably one of the most important. I’d argue that the last session is the most important (mainly because that’s what most folks will remember and talk about for years), but starting off on the right foot is right up there. Tracy dives into his approach for jamming with an Apocalypse World game start. While this post is specific to that game system, there are plenty of gems in there for any GM running any system.

A Heart Of Shiny Magic: Spell Storage Solutions Pt 2

In my own homebrew RPG, magic energy can be stored up in a specific elemental metal. My ideas for this elemental metal crossover quite a bit with Mike’s ideas in this post, but he has some things in there (like the Reluctant or Eager) that I’d not pondered just yet. Thanks for the brain food, Mike! I have some new things to consider with my homebrew.

Ginger Hall

Apparently Dyson can draw maps while drunk better than I can while sober. Maybe that’s his trick? Perhaps I need to imbibe some scotch before delving into map making? I don’t know. Either way, this is a fantastic map!

It’s Not The Size That Counts (It’s How You Use It)

Woah! A five-minute RPG? Yeah. You read that right. Not five pages. Not five booksFive Minutes! Senda must be the master of lightweight RPGs to manage to pull this off. I’m impressed and bow to her prowess. This actually sounds like quite a bit of fun. In my writing life, I love doing improv writing where you get an idea token (or two or three) and hastily scribble down words for 5-10 minutes. I can see this being very similar… and quite a bit of fun. I hope to run into Senda at a con someday and see this live and in person!

All Wounds Are Not Alike V: Narcotic Healing (part 2)

I once had a doctor tell me that addiction is not a medical problem but a social problem. I’m not sure I 100% agree with his statement, but I did see his point. It was this: Addiction to a substance is not an issue until it affects society around the addict in a negative way. Thus, it’s a societal problem. Again, I’m not 100% on board with this assertion, but there is some truth to it. Why am I talking about society and addiction? That’s because Mike does the same (but with more words and clarity than I am right now) in the link above! It’s a great read. I love it. Well done, Mike.


But Han Solo would never do that! — Actually heard at a game when a player, playing a Han Solo character, did something nice for someone during the “A New Hope” timeline. The rebuttal was, “But this is my Han Solo!” Both were correct, but the person playing their Han Solo was more correct. This is a problem with appropriating media characters (for PCs or NPCs) in gaming. At some point, the group has to cut ties with the established canon and move on from there. Use the canon of the universe you’re emulating as a jumping off point, and never look back. John’s article has some more details than what I’ve let on here, so go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Sporadic Saturday Sweetness: 2016-07-18

  1. Mike Bourke Jul 18,2016 7:15 PM

    Great to hear that you’re on the road to recovery, J.T.! Thanks for the positive feedback on my articles. I would say that the doctor you describe was confusing cause with effect; the societal issues that result from addictions are definitely a problem that has to be solved at a social level, but the underlying causes are a more complex, simply because as human beings, -we- are more complex. So there is a grain of truth there, just as there is a fairly self-evident grain of truth to holistic medicine – but it’s never the whole story.

    As for the spell storage ideas, glad I was able to pose an option or two that you hadn’t thought of!

  2. Dyson Logos Jul 18,2016 11:01 PM

    I recommend Irish instead of Scotch. Otherwise, yes, that’s basically my secret.

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