Long Hiatus 2

Hey all,

I’m going to have to put this web site on a long hiatus. It’s for good reasons, and I apologize to the blogs I regularly review and the few readers I have.

The good reasons are:

  • At WorldCon this past week, I agreed to sell another novel to a second publisher. This makes 2 novels (in 2 different series) sold in the past 4 months. These editorial efforts are going to consume a ton of my time.
  • I’m pitching in to help out someone layout eBooks as a subcontractor.
  • I’m gearing up to start working on support material for a popular gaming system. Perhaps launching my own company to sell/support these productions.
  • I’m learning eBook layouts (see above) and inDesign all at once.
  • I have a few other things going on at the Day Job that’s keeping me busy. A good kind of busy.
  • My son (now eight years old) is more active in Cub Scouts and gaming and school and family than ever before. He’s taking up quite a bit of my time and energy, and I love him for it.

Basically… Life has caught up to me, and things have to be shed. Unfortunately, this blog is one of them. I know I’ve taken breaks in the past, and I’ve usually stated a time in which I’ll return. However, I can’t specify a time-frame at this point because I’m not sure I’ll be returning. I’ll keep the blog alive and well, though. No way am I letting my domain lapse.

I hope everyone is having a great time gaming out there in RPG-land, and I hope to see everyone online here and there.

2 thoughts on “Long Hiatus

  1. Mike Bourke Aug 31,2016 12:22 AM

    Sounds like you have a huge amount on your plate! Congratulations on your achievements and successes and I’ll see you back again sometime, I’m sure 🙂

    • J.T. Evans Sep 7,2016 10:13 PM

      Absolutely. I’ll be back around… Just not entirely sure when. I wish I could set a date, but that’s not a realistic thing to do at this time.

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