Is This Still On? 1

Hey all,

About four months ago, I announced a long hiatus. Yeah. It’s been a while. A little longer than I hoped for, but shorter than I expected.

First, some updates:

  • One of my novel publishing contracts fell through in September when the publishing house shut down. This happens with small presses. It’s part of the writing life. I do have the novel back out in front of other people, so we’ll see where it goes.
  • The other novel contract I have is coming along well. I finished up the first round of edits last night and will most likely hear back from the editor on the second round starting in early January.
  • I have a third series of novels that I’ve started, but not gotten too far into it (see edit work above), but between now and early January, I’ll most likely be working on those novels….
  • … or a gaming project (or two) that’s been eating into my brain.
  • … I haven’t decided which.
  • The eBook/print layout work is going well, but we’ve hit a lull lately. I’ve also got it down pat, so it’s only taking me a few hours per book instead of the majority of a day.

Second, looking forward:

I’m going to re-ignite the fires in the hearth here at RavenousRPG and see what the light shows. This means more of my weekly summary posts, and I’m going to try to review a cheap/free (e.g.: short) PDF every couple of weeks as well. I might make the reviews verbal (podcast format), or they may just be typed up. I have yet to make the final call on that one.

Third, thanks:

If you’re still around and reading this, thank you for sticking with me while I went through one of the busiest times of my life. I greatly appreciate it!

PS: I already have 2 links bookmarked for this weekend’s post. 🙂

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