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Here it is on a Monday, and I still haven’t written my post for last Saturday. Bad, gamer! No cookie!

No real excuses/reasons this go around. Life got in the way, and I’m finally getting around to doing this.

Here are the links!

Animal Adventures

I’ve never run an animal-themed game before. I can’t really recall playing in one either. Perhaps this is because they’re incredibly hard to build out? Perhaps the GMs and designers out there think it’ll be too hard to “stay in character.” I mean, it’s already hard enough playing the gruff dwarf or aloof elf all the time. Perhaps barking, whining, and yipping like a dog all session long would be a bit much. I don’t know. If you’re considering pulling off a session (or campaign) along these lines, I’d recommend you do yourself a favor and check out John’s post.

Rebooting My Murder Hobos Campaign (and Yours) in Three Easy Steps

I had to do this recently for a campaign that I put aside running in order to study for my CISSP exam a while back (PS: I passed the test and received my cert last week.). It’s hard to get back to where you were after a break, especially if it’s a long break like what we took (our break was four months long). In my case, I reset and teleported (actually a secret portal) the group to a new location to continue on from there. The post over at Roleplaying Tips takes a different angle, but it works just as well. Go check it out!

Plotting The Phone Book: A How-To Of Adventure Inspiration

Using a phone book as a catalyst for plot development? Nah…. I didn’t think that angle would work for Mike, but it did! This post is full of great advice and is a great step-by-step on plot generation as it relates to role playing games.

Why so many monsters?

Heh. I do this too. I’ll sometimes go with a theme (undead, elementals, dragons, whatever), but I do my best to find the weirdest, wackiest, most Fiend Folio-ish creatures out there to shake things up and have the characters encounter. It keeps the players on their toes, and makes for a more interesting game. Yeah, it’s more work for me, but I enjoy it quite a bit. The painful part (at least with Pathfinder) is adding templates and such to monsters. It makes for cool monsters with awesome abilities, but doing the crunchy math on the numbers can be a pain.

Trapped in the Tomb of the 14 Imperial Princesses

Ooooohhhh…. Cool map! Great backstory! I can see this being the crux or start of a campaign here. Great work!

Making a Table Copy

I had to do this with my two core GURPS 4th Edition books. The glue didn’t take on my books, and they fell apart within 2-3 weeks of me owning them. Yeah, I probably could have gone to SJGs for replacements, and I bet they’d have been a cool enough group of folks to get me a new set (I don’t know this for sure, but my gut tells it me it’s so). However, I decided to strip out and clean up every page from the two books. Then I three-hole punched the pages and dropped them into a single, large, D-Ring binder. It worked great for me since the books were actually consecutively numbered and having them all in one volume helped me from having to guess at which book I needed to open up.

A trio of campaigns for your consideration

Mike dropped into his site three campaigns for us to take a look at. While I’m mainly a fantasy gamer (and writer), Mike’s sci-fi setting really grabbed my attention. Not to say that the other two aren’t cool, but there were some real mind bending idea proposed in the sci-fi setting that hooked into my neurons. Great work, Mike!

Troy’s Crock Pot: Holy Orders

What should holy folks be doing when not playing the “healer bot” in the party? Turns out there are quite a few options out there, and Troy’s detailed a few of them. Go check out what’s in the crock pot.

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  1. Mike Bourke Jan 9,2017 9:09 PM

    Good to hear from you, Hungry, and thanks for the kind words on my articles! (I’ll let you in on a little secret: the Sci-Fi idea that grabbed you so much was written from scratch the afternoon of the post because I felt that I needed to hit a different beat to round out the article. It took 10-20 minutes to come up with the basic concept and another couple of hours to flesh it out. But don’t tell players that it can happen that easily; let us perpetuate the myth that every campaign requires months of intensive effort to devise!)

    (And, to be fair, it doesn’t usually happen quite that quickly and easily for me, either, and this sort of thing is something I’m good at.)

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