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I’m putting this post together a bit early (Friday afternoon) because I’ll be spending the vast majority of tomorrow at my FLGS’s semi-annual auction. I have loads of stuff up for sale, and I hope it all goes at bids that I’m asking (or more). They limit each person to 20 lots (for time and sanity), and I ran out of those lots before I could even get through everything. I have a friend who might be interested in my 3rd edition GURPS books. If he’s not, then I’ll probably eBay them. If I do, it’ll be all at once, and I’ll make sure to post links here in case someone out there has some interest. I’m probably going to be ditching a considerable number of books in the near future. I’m getting cramped on bookshelf space, and there are RPG books that I’ve not touched in years (some for over a decade). If I haven’t used it in that long, it’s time to find a new home for it.

Now… on with the links!

The Fundamental Principles of RPG Style

I love this four-factor breakdown of RPG styles. Sure, it gets much more complex than this, but this is a great foundation for assessing a style and determining if it’s the right fit for your group. I think on the four factors, my go to ones are: Open, Serious, Easy, Loose


John’s post hits many of the high points that must be considered when creating a homebrew system. Like with the previous link, there are more complexities involved than what this post covers, but these are the major tent poles that will hold the system up (or allow it to come crumbling down around your ears). If you’re considering creating your own homebrew system, this is a vital post to get started on creating your goods.

The Pentagon Of Encounter Design

Once again, Mike has taken things that I do inherently and “on instinct” and put them down to wonderful, clear, and highly-instructional words. I wish I had this post when I was a kid and making my first encounters. It would have saved me tons of pain, trial and error, and fumbling in the dark to get where I am today. I think my past was a great learning experience, but it would have been nice to have taken some shortcuts along the way. Shortcuts like Mike’s post.

D&D: Miniatures on the Cheap

This post over at Raging Owlbear can save you loads of money. Instead of buying individual minis at $3 to $7 a pop, there are other options. Paper, stand-ups, cardboard, 3D printing, third party, etc. There are tons of options, and this post goes into good detail about these and more.

Creating Plot on the Fly

I used to be able to build plots on the fly. I’m so out of practice these days, I’m not sure I could do it well at this time. Sure, with a little practice, I could get better. I’ve been tempted to fire up an “improv campaign” (where I improv and react to the PCs, not the other way around) to get back into the mental condition on doing this. This post has inspired me to do just this thing. Thanks, Ang! I need to run off and send an email to my monthly group now.

Essential Reference Library for Pulp GMs (and others): 12th Shelf

This post covers loads of different topics ranging from voodoo to the KGB and many points in-between. If you’re looking to beef up your research library on a handful of areas, check out this post. It’s very handy. I was happy to see that I already have a few of these on my shelves!

The Caverns of Ulthik and the Tree of Stone

This is a great map, but I love the story and world built around it more. Great work on this one, Dyson!

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  1. Mike Bourke Jan 22,2017 7:06 AM

    Thanks for the kind words about my articles, Hungry! Glad you enjoyed them, and best of luck with your auction 🙂 Hope you don’t spend more than you sell!

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