Short Break 1

I didn’t have a post this past Saturday because I’d only collected two links. Odd for a week of reading. Maybe I missed some gems? Maybe I forgot to create the bookmarks? Dunno. Whatever the case may be, I didn’t feel like sifting back through my Feedly RPG history to find more. The task was just too daunting. The Day Job has been in high gear as of late, so maybe that’s why I missed some things?

I didn’t feel like doing an SSS with just two links.

Also, this upcoming weekend I’ll be at the Superstars Writing Seminars until pretty late on Saturday. I’m not sure I’ll have the energy or time to compile a post on Saturday.

This means you may not hear from me until February 10th. Not really a hiatus, but life is too busy right now for even my brief, weekly posts.

If you hear from me on this site before the 10th, be surprised. Hopefully, the surprise will be a pleasant one. 🙂

One comment on “Short Break

  1. Mike Bourke Feb 8,2018 8:34 PM

    Seems odd. The serial blog format could mean that you see fewer links from Campaign Mastery because even though a page may be updated most weekdays, it’s only “published” once (I just keep rolling the date forward). But that won’t affect any other site. Enjoy your break and I’ll catch you in a few days time 🙂

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