Adventure Hook: Dry Times

The local well/fountain/stream/spring that feeds the town’s water supply has suddenly dried up. A local mytic says she can taste magic on the air near the former water source. The town’s leaders hire the PCs to investigate what is going on.

Adventure Hook: Missing!

An important contact to the PCs has come up missing. A quick investigation of the contact’s hideout/office/home show signs of violence and hasty theft. Where is the contact? Search the mess of the ransacked location for clues and follow them!

Adventure Hook: Talking Babies

All of the infants in the town suddenly gain the ability to speak clearly and coherently, but the parents of the babies can only babble and gurgle. Anyone without a child is unaffected by this strange phenomenon. What are the PCs going to do about it?

Adventure Hook Thursday: Message from the Dead

This could apply to a fantasy realm or a modern one. One of the PCs receives a message from a dead relative. If it’s a fantasy setting, the message comes in the form of a ghostly manifestation of the dead one. If it is a modern/future genre, the message is the deceased’s voice left on ...

Adventure Hook Thursday: Four Arms

Here’s a cyberpunk hook for you guys. Pizza delivery men (and a few women) have turned up shot dead on their runs. This is nothing unusual in a dystopic future, but there are rumors that all of the deliveries were to different houses and the pizzas were all topped with anchovies and mushrooms. There have ...

Adventure Hook Thursday: Portals

Three strange portals opened up in town. Two are blue and seem to link to one another. The third is purple. Where does it lead? The PCs are hired to find out where it goes and return with information. Oh. By the way, people that go through the blue portals seem to come through with ...

Adventure Hook Thursday: Name List

A man turns up dead with his throat cut. Among his belongings is an extraordinary amount of money (large gold pouch, credit stick with high dollar value, wad of cash bills, etc.) and a slip of paper with the names of the PCs on them. If the group has lost a group member recently, that ...

Adventure Hook Thursday: Chains

People around town have gone missing. At the scene of each abduction links of chain can be found. The chains are magical in nature and seem to writhe when touched. What can it mean?

Adventure Hook Thursday: Revolt

This can be applied to all genres. The group is traveling down a small road near a large city. Suddenly a bloody women bursts from the underbrush in front of the group’s vehicle (wagon, chariot, hovercraft, car, etc.) screaming for help and that three people (men, cyborgs, goblins, aliens, etc.) are trying to capture/kill her. ...

AHotD: 2009-06-11

This one’s for you sci-fi folks out there. One of the PCs receives a text message (or instant message or email or packet transmission or some other form of instant communication) that states they will die in 15 minutes. That’s it. Just a 15 minute warning of their death. The source of the transmission is ...